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Everything you need to know about Clips

Monday, February 15th 2021

When using our devices, we all have to copy some text, pictures, or files now and then. However, our operating systems do not have a clipboard with storage. That means, once we copy another thing, the previous copy is gone forever, and it could be a problem if we cannot find it again. Clips will help you out in this type of situation.


Retrieve all that you copied from the clipboard history

Everything of that you have copied to your windows 10 clipboard, will also get copied and saved permanently in Clips. Regardless of how much time passes, you can always open Clipt to retrieve it again. You can also have label you favorite items for a quick retrieval.

Light and Dark Themes

This application is available in both light and dark themes, for Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can change the themes depending on your choice at any time you like.

Search Between Formats

This application comes with a powerful search engine that allows you to get to your previous saves instantly. You can search through texts, images, RTF, HTML subsequently.

Instant Clean-up

If you feel like you do not need your previous copied stuff anymore, you can remove them instantly with just a single click. Or if you prefer, you can remove each item by selecting them one by one. It helps you to manage your Clips better and is suitable for privacy.

  • You will not have to waste time searching for the webpage or directory again where you have copied a text or file from.
  • If you lose what you copied forever, this will cause a lot of agony for you. However, with Clips, you will not lose it again, unless you clear the list manually.
  • This application ensures your privacy by keeping your saves secured. You can get them removed at any time.
Real-World scenarios

Let's say you have to complete an essay given to you as an assignment. To complete that essay, you have 100s of tabs open, and you are copy-pasting stuff to add to your assignment. You copied a text to add, but forgot to paste it, and copied something again. Now, you've lost your previous copy, and you cannot find it from the 100s of tabs you have opened. In such a scenario, if you have clips, you can go to the application and see your previous copies, and get it directly from there. It saved you the effort and hours that would have been wasted otherwise.

Final Thoughts

Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, Clips will make our life easier, thanks to the various features it facilitates our daily work. Now, you won't have to worry about losing your saved items ever again.